Computer Hardware and Software Repair Service

Hardware Troubleshooting

  1. Failed Power Supply Replacement
  2. Specialized component upgrades - Graphic card upgrade and/or new installation, Memory(RAM) upgrades
  3. Motherboard replacement
  4. Replace faulty Laptop keyboard
  5. Replace cracked/smashed laptop screen



Software Troubleshooting

  1. Virus Removal - remove virus, update outdated software and resolve ransomware situation. 
  2. Operating System Installation
  3. Data Recovery - bypassing lost password or failed hardware
  4. Resolve Windows blue screen of Death problem
  5. Remote troubleshooting support - phone and/or remote access



Other Services

  1. Remote Support - support to resolve any tech issue
  2. Hardware Cleaning - remove dust build up, apply thermal paste, etc

  3. Training - on various software packages including website development